Add Calculated Columns

A Calculated Column takes information from two existing fields and performs a calculation between the two fields to present new data. 

Two types of calculated columns may be created based on the fields that are added to the Columns pane: Numeric-based and Date-based calculated columns.

  • Available calculations for numeric-based calculated columns are: Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x), Division (/)
  • Available calculations for date-based calculated columns are: Days between, Months between

The first step to creating a calculated column is to verify that the fields you want to be calculated are added to the Columns pane. The columns must exist in order for the calculation to occur.

  1. Select Reports > Builder.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all custom reports. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search. 

  3. Select the Report from the list.

  4. Add the desired columns to the report.

  5. Click the Calculated link found on the top right corner of the columns pane.

  6. Enter the Title for the calculated column.

  7. Use the Columns 1 drop-down menu to select the first column to be used in the calculation.

  8. Use the Calculation drop-down menu to select the calculation.

  9. Use the Columns 2 drop-down menu to select the second column to be used in the calculation.

  10. Click Done

If you ever want to edit a calculated column, all you have to do is right-click on the column name within the Report builder and select the "Edit Calculation" option.