Release 13.13.0 - August 08, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • Denial Reporting Updates:  The Denials report and the Is Denial? report filter have been updated to better reflect all of the denials that you have received and enable a complete understanding of your Denials, including partial denials.

The updated Denials report will now show adjustment codes rather than remark codes. Remark codes show denial details but are not present for all denials.

The Denials report and the Is Denial? report filter will also now include adjustment codes that indicate denials, even if the entire claim was not denied or there was a partial denial.  


  • New and Updated Dashboard Gadgets:  We are continuing to update the metrics available on your Dashboards. Three new updates were released this week!
    • Claim Rejections: This dashboard gadget has been fully reworked to show rejections by the amount of the rejection. The gadget also supports showing payer rejections as well as your claim acceptance rate.
    • Claim Denials: This new dashboard gadget will show you the denials that are having the biggest impact on your performance and, therefore, are the first to target to improve your cash flow and revenue cycle management. The gadget also calculates your denial rate, the percentage of your billed claim amounts that are being denied.
    • Clean Claims Rate: This new dashboard gadget shows you the percentage of your claim submissions that were accepted by both the clearinghouse and the payer with no rejections. A high clean claim rate means that you’re avoiding issues that prevent payment and require issuing corrected claims.

With these new metrics, you can now add deep insights into your billing performance to your main dashboard!