Add a new Appointment Type

You have the ability to create and use your own custom Appointment Types.

  1. Select Appointments > Configuration… > Appointments Types

  2. Click the New Type Button. 

  3. Enter a 1 to 10 digit alphanumeric identification code in the Code field to help the office staff identify the appointment type at a glance.

  4. Write a brief Description about the appointment type.  

  5. Select the Icon and Color you would like to associate with this type.

  6. Select the appointment type Length (i.e., duration in minutes).

  7. Choose an option to “Make Appointment Type Available in:”

    1. All Departments (Global): Select this option if you're using departments within your appointment scheduler and you want all your departments to be able to use this resource/type. 

    2. Specific Department(s): Select this option If you only want this resource/type to be available for scheduling to one or more specific departments. You must also click on the drop-down menu to specify the department(s).

  8. Disable automatic appointment reminders for this appointment type: Place a check in this box to disable future phone reminders etc. 

    Once disabled, patients scheduled with this appointment type will not receive calls to remind them of their appointment.

  9. Specify the hours of operation for this appointment type: Place a check in this box to specify the hours of operation for the appointment type. Specifying days and times will help manage your appointment scheduler to ensure appointments are being scheduled during business hours.For example, You want to allow appointments to be scheduled only between 8:00am to 5:00pm.

    Leaving this box unchecked means there are no restrictions when creating appointments for this appointment type.

    1. After checking the box, click on the Add button and to select a Day followed by the beginning and ending hours for that day. Continue selecting the Add button to add more weekdays until you've added all of the days and times for the resource.

    2. To remove a day, click on the red Remove button to the right of the row you want to remove.

  10. Click Save