Edit Report Snapshot Details

Follow the steps below to edit report snapshot details (snapshot title and notes). 

  1. Select Reports > Viewer.

  2. Above the Report Search field, click the View Saved Results link.

  3. When the dialog window opens, locate the report.

    1. Optional:  You can use the filters to help drill down your results.

      1. Search by: Search results by either report name, the date it was saved in, or who saved the report.

      2. Show snapshots saved by:

        1. Everyone: Shows reports saved by everyone in your account, including yourself.

        2. Others: Shows reports saved by everyone in your account, excluding yourself.

        3. Me: Shows reports that have only been saved by you.

  4. Right-click on the report and select Edit Details

  5. Add the Title and any Notes that describes the report.

  6. Click Save to save your changes. Or click Save & Share to edit sharing settings

    Reference our Edit a Snapshots Sharing Settings Help Article for more information.