Release 12.11.0 - June 13, 2022

New Features and Updates



  • New Report Field:  Added the following report field which is now available to be used as a column or filter on a custom report:

    Claim Data -> Last Public Claim Follow-Up Note

    This new report field will return the most recent follow-up notes associated with a claim that is not restricted to being visible by only certain users.


  • Manual ERA Upload Enhancement:  Updated the ERA file upload process to no longer require the file to be a txt file extension. The file content must still be valid ANSI as before but now a .dat file, for example, can be uploaded without first being renamed.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Payment Receipt Enhancement:  Updated the payment receipt printout to show both patients in situations where the payment was applied to multiple charges associated with different (linked) patients.


  • Ability to add the "=" character to the Additional Claim Info:  Updated the Additional Claim Information (Box 19) field within the Claim screen to allow users to enter the "=" character. This character is not allowed when submitting claims electronically, (therefore it will not be included) but it will be shown when printing the claim.


  • Interface Setting:  Added a new interface setting to optionally disable inbound appointment updates for customers using the ElationHealth interface.  When selected, appointment changes made in ElationHealth will not be reflected in CollaborateMD.