Report Snap and Share

Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot of your report data, save it directly to CollaborateMD (CMD) and share it with users across your account. Since our reports run in real time, any new data entered into CMD would cause a report to be different from a report ran before the newly added data.  Report Snap & Share saves an exact copy of any report and allows users to see the same data regardless if new data was entered into CMD. Report Snap & Share can help decrease the amount of time you spend exporting reports, emailing sensitive data, and performing redundant screen share sessions. This feature provides instant access to real-time saved report results with the same filters and results at the time it was run. 

Please keep in mind that users are unable to view report results that contain information from customers that they do not have access to.

Who can use this feature?

  • Users with the Reporting permission set to Allow.

  • Users with the A/R Management Reports or Management Reports permission will have access to the corresponding reports.