Payer Agreement Status Descriptions

 Status Definition
Provider Action Required

Represents additional actions that need to be taken in order to process and approve the agreement (typically missing signatures or missing enrollment in the payer's website); You can right-click the "Provider Action Required" note to view the details on the actions that need to be completed.

CollaborateMD only uses the clearinghouse eProvider Solutions.  If you receive a "Provider Action Required" status that reflects "Change Healthcare" This does not mean they are your clearinghouse; this implies the payer uses them and you are required to complete the additional actions.

Enrollment Submitted

Represents an agreement that has already been submitted. This does not reflect the actual approval or denial of the agreement.


Represents a  payer authorization and a completed setup with the clearinghouse.


Represents a denial by the Payer or the Clearinghouse; a new agreement must be submitted.

Clearinghouse Processing

Represents the agreement information submitted by the customer is still being reviewed by the clearinghouse.

Enrollment Started

Represents an agreement that has been started in the system but has been saved as incomplete (not submitted yet) to continue at a later time.

Form Created

Represents an agreement form that was created and filled out but not submitted yet.

Contact Support

Represents an issue with the agreement that requires the customer to contact support for additional help.

FailureRepresents an agreement that CMD was unable to send to ePS, so the agreement could not be started (Users should attempt to restart the agreement from CMD and, if they continue to experience problems, reach out to support).