Running reports

  1. Select Reports > Viewer.

  2. Find the Report you want to run by one of the following ways:

    1. All Reports: The search bar allows you to easily search for reports in all folders. The options at the bottom of the window are used to filter which reports appear in the list.

    2. Favorites: You are able to tag reports as favorites. Favorited reports are found in this window.

    3. Recently Ran: Quickly find any report you have recently ran in this window.

    4. Saved Reports: Click the view saved results link found near the top of the screen and locate the saved report you want to run. 

      Reference the Save a Report Help Article to learn how to save reports. 

  3. Click on the report. 

  4. A Filter page will open for the report you are running.

    Save time by saving your most commonly used filters by clicking the Save Filters button. Once saved, you can load them by clicking the Saved Filters button and loading your filters.

    1. General Filters: This section will be present on every standard CollaborateMD report. These filters groups text fields, numeric fields, date ranges, and monetary fields.

    2. Other Filters: Other filter categories may be present based on the report you are running (e.g., Practice, Provider, Patient, etc.) . These filters are used to define where the report will pull the information from or from which customer. 

    3. Static Filters: Contains predefined values that are used each time the report is generated.

  5. After selecting your filters, click Run Report.

  6. Key report metrics display static at the footer of the report run page. 

  7. Optional: When running a report for more than one customer, you'll be asked if you would like to separate this report per customer.

    1. Yes, Separate will run the report for the selected customers, but separate the results for each customer. When the report results are displayed, click on the Show results for the drop-down menu to select a customer.

    2. No, Combine will combine the results for all selected customers.