Request a Data Move

Data Move services take all data, including patient demographics and financials, and moves the data from one customer database/account to a different customer database/account. Any images uploaded using Remote Document Imaging will remain in our cloud and will be available once the move is complete by re-enabling the Add-on service. This service is only provided upon the consent and approval of all related account Admins / Authorized Reps. Once the request is received, the accepting party will receive an email specifying which party will pay for this service. Data Moves can take anywhere from 7-10 business days to be processed after payment has been received. 

If moving data to a new account, a new account must be created first. Please contact our sales team to get your new account created.

  1. Select Account Administration > Services.

  2. Click the Request Button next to Data Move.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to Select one or more Customer to be moved.

  4. Enter the receiving Account #.

  5. Enter the receiving Account Name.

  6. Enter the Authorized Release Date.

  7. Read the acknowledgement to release ownership of the data, click Acknowledge.