GoodTherapy + CollaborateMD Partnership FAQs

What is GoodTherapy?

Millions of people each year utilize one of the top online therapist directories,  GoodTherapy, to find therapists and counselors, rehab and residential treatment centers,  and mental health resources.  To help promote successful outcomes, GoodTherapy offers practitioners a variety of membership benefits: referrals, nationally recognized continuing education, publication opportunities, data-driven performance tracking, personalized support, and more.

Is GoodTherapy a part of CMD?

GoodTherapy is an online directory that removes barriers to care by connecting people with qualified behavioral health providers in their area.  GoodTherapy is a non-integrated, partner solution of CollaborateMD and an additional resource for providers.

What are the benefits of a GoodTherapy annual membership?

  • Connects your practice with thousands of patients seeking care.  
  • Offers live and self-paced continuing education courses to satisfy licensing requirements.
  • Builds your practice’s credibility as a vetted and trusted provider.

How can I get new client referrals with GoodTherapy?

Getting new client referrals is easy! Sign up for GoodTherapy membership, create your profile, and grow your practice. At the exact moment someone searches for services in your area, your customer profile and practice information will appear in search results.

Note: All members are verified prior to active listing on our directory. Read more about membership requirements here.

How can I optimize my profile performance in search results?

Connecting with your audience is key to obtaining new client referrals. That's why  GoodTherapy created its Ideal Member Profile tour. Use this tour as a guide for your profile and understand how to appear in more search results.

What can I expect from GoodTherapy's Continuing Education (CE) offering?

GoodTherapy knows how important it is for therapists to engage in meaningful, professional learning activities and fulfill your licensure requirements. All events are presented by experts in various clinical subject areas such as marriage and family therapy, clinical social work, ethics, child psychology, and more.

Live events are interactive web conferences and qualify as in-person continuing education in most states. Connect with course instructors during live question-and-answer periods and join mental health professionals throughout the United States and beyond in a convenient online learning setting.

Home study courses consist of an archive of over 500 events you can watch at any time to fulfill your license requirements.

Learn more about GoodTherapy’s goal to connect providers with more referrals and resources to provide healthy, ethical psychotherapy. Join GoodTherapy here.