Access your Invoices

  1. Select Account Administration > Invoices

  2. Ensure the Invoice History tab is selected.

  3. Invoices from the last 90 Days will automatically display.  

  4. Click the Search hyperlink to search for other past invoices.

    1. Use the Invoice Date option filter invoices based on the invoice date.

      Clicking the invoice number also opens the invoice details. 

    2. Show All Invoices: Show all paid and unpaid invoices within the date range.

    3. Show Unpaid Invoices Only: Show only unpaid invoices within the date range.

    4. Show Specific Invoice: Locate a specific invoice within the date range by searching for the invoice #.

    5. Click the Search button.

  5. You’re able to interact with the invoice results by right-clicking on a row.

    1. View Invoice Details: Opens the invoice details by line item 

    2. View Associated Payments: Opens a pop up showing any payments made towards this invoice.