eProvider Solution Clearinghouse Migration FAQ

What is eProvider Solutions?

eProvider Solutions is a Clearinghouse that focuses on bridging the gap of the technical complexities and standard compliance issues to unite providers with their payers and their patients. eProvider Solutions has been conducting business from a position of high ethical standards since 2005 and is now part of the EverCommerce family.

Why are we transitioning to eProvider Solutions?

The eProvider Solutions Clearinghouse was recently acquired by Evercommerce. Having an in-house clearinghouse will help streamline the payer agreement process even more while cutting down approval times. It will also allow us to keep your clearinghouse costs low.

Will there be any interruption to my claims/ERAs through the migration?

No, you should not see any interruption in the electronic claims submitted or the receipt of ERAs. Your claims will still be processed as usual while the transition is taking place.

Will there be any additional cost or price increase associated with the migration?

No, here is no additional cost or price increase for migrating to eProvider Solutions.

Can I keep ChangeHealthcare as my clearinghouse?

No, we will be migrating all of our customers to our eProvider Solutions clearinghouse.

What are the benefits of using eProvider ?

There are many benefits in migrating to eProvidere Solutions. Some of those are:

  • One point of contact: No need to contact a 3rd party for clearinghouse issues, your CMD specialist will provide your clearinghouse support.

  • Sign your payer agreements electronically: You are able to sign the agreements electronically within CMD cutting down your approval time.

  • Faster resolutions: Migrating to an in-house clearinghouse allows for faster claim/ERA issue resolutions which will get them paid faster.

What do I have to do during the transition?

During the transition, all providers (individual, group) will only need to submit new payer agreements within CMD. To learn more on how to submit new payer agreements, please reference our New Payer Agreement Help Article.

How long will the transition process take once initiated?

The process will take between 1-2 months depending on the payer’s estimated times of approval. While the transition takes place and you wait for the approvals, you will not have any interruption in your claims submissions or ERAs received.

Will I still have to sign and send agreements to some payers?

Yes, the requirements for those payers won’t change. If a payer needs to receive a signed copy of the agreement, those additional steps will be noted in the special instructions of the agreement just like they are today.

Will there be a change in the way I submit my claims in the system?

No, your submitter ID will remain the same after the migration takes place.

Will I have access to a portal like I do now?

No. Since we now have an in-house clearinghouse, we will be your point of contact for any and all questions relating to the clearinghouse. You will no longer need to log into a different system for clearinghouse questions and concerns.

When will I know when I am being transitioned?

You will first receive an email with more information about the migration. You will then be contacted with your specific dates and instructions prior to the migration taking place.