Release 14.11.0 - June 17, 2024

New Features and Updates



  • New Patient Notes Option to Allow filtering by date of service when Claim Notes is selected:  Added a new filter button to Patient Notes > Claim Notes to allow filtering notes by Date Of Service.

By default, this filter will be set to "All."  

  • New email/text Receipt Feature:  Added a new email/text receipt feature to help our customers achieve better and more efficient communication with their patients by enabling the sending of receipts via email or SMS. This will provide medical practices with greater flexibility and options for patients to receive their receipts in an effective and easy-to-understand format, enhancing patient comfort. As part of this project, our receipts will now offer a cleaner, more user-friendly, and easy-to-read format, along with more useful information when printing a patient receipt. Additionally, there is an option to print FSA/HSA receipts, which will include all the required additional information

For more information on our new Receipts, please visit our Help Articles.

  • Patient Name Suffix Added to All Screens:  Added the Patient Name Suffix everywhere the Patient Name is shown to make it easier for users to determine which patient is the correct one. 


  • New Option to Hide the Discharge Hour Field when the Claim Doesn't Involve a Discharge:  Added an update to institutional claims to hide the Discharge Hour within the Additional Info screen when the third digit of the type of bill is 2 or 3, and the patient status is set to 30 (Still Patient).

Customer setup

  • Added Remittance Code 23 to Warning When Adding an Action:  We previously added a warning message to prevent users from adding remittance actions to common codes, because these actions are usually incorrect. In this case, we added code 23 to the list of common codes included in the warning message. We also added a new warning any time the Denial action is added to any code.