Enhanced & Plain-Text User Print

Statements print according to the options you select in the settings.

  1. Enhanced User Print Statements: Enhanced user statements offer intuitive, patient-friendly color statements that allow for customization that can reinforce your brand and image. Conveniently print and mail statements within the office. 

    If you are not on a Medical Practice Plan that includes Enhanced User Print Statements, using this feature will incur additional transaction fees on your monthly invoice. Visit our website to learn more about our transaction prices

  2. Plain Text User Print Statements: Plain-Text statements contain the same easy-to-read information as the enhanced statements, but doesn't offer the same level of customization, editable fields, or the ability to include your logo. You can still conveniently print and mail statements within the office at no additional charge.

When printing and mailing these statements, use the default Standard Double Window Invoice (3 7/8 x 8/7 #9) envelopes.