Release 13.21.0 - December 4, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • Automatically Adjust PR~45:  We added a new option within the Payer → Billing Options → ERA screen to adjust the PR~45 (patient responsibility adjustment due to a contractual overage) when an ERA is posted, rather than setting it as Unpaid. This will allow providers who prefer not to charge this extra amount to the patient to have it automatically adjusted in our system. Please visit our Help Article for more information on turning this billing option on.


  • Manually Import HL7 Files:  We added a new interface option that allows customers to upload files and manually import claims into our system as HL7 interface messages (just as they would if they were sent through the WebAPI or any other interface). This will allow users to immediately run a search in Interface Tracker showing the messages that were just imported. For more information on manually importing HL7 files visit our Help Article.