The Provider section contains information regarding the physician(s) providing the service on the claim. Each provider has their own information screen. You will use this screen to add new providers or to edit the profile of an existing provider. A provider can be, but is not limited to, an M.D., P.A., N.P., D.O. or medical care facility (hospital) who provides health care services.

Monthly per provider fees are calculated based on the rendering/attending providers used on claims billed within the invoicing period. CollaborateMD will consolidate providers whose names are an exact match on a per customer level. For example, if the individual provider last name + individual provider first name = organization provider name, then the providers will be consolidated on your monthly invoice.

This information will be printed in Box 33a or 24J for rendering provider (of the CMS-1500 form) or Box 57 (of the UB-04 form).

Who can use this feature?

Users with the Account Setup & Providers permissions can add a new provider with an existing Tax ID.

Users with the above and Bill Payment permissions can add a provider with a new Tax ID.