Edit User Access to Reports

Want to control which reports your users can access and run?  Granting specific access to reports requires two steps.  Users with the report permission set to “Allowed Reports Only” can only access reports that have been specifically shared with them. Users with the Reports permission set to “Standard Reports and Allowed Reports” will be able to access all the standard reports regardless of the report’s user access settings. Reference our Update a User Permission Help Article for more information. 

  1. Select Reports > Viewer.

  2. Find the report. 

  3. Right-click and select Edit User Access.
  4. Use the Customer drop-down menu to select which customer the report should be shared with.

  5. Grant the desired permissions (e.g., Deny, Access or Edit Access)  for each user by checking the appropriate box next to their username.

     When granting a user “Edit” access to a Custom Report, the Report Builder Permission must be set to “Build and Edit Reports.

  6. Click Save.