Phase 3 Training Actions/Homework

Action 1. Submit live claims in a batch using Status Control

Action 2. Learn how to print paper claims using Claim Batch Print

Action 3. Monitor the success of LIVE claims using Claim Tracker

Action 4. Understand how to address claim rejections & denials using Claim Tracker Descriptions & Icons

Action 5. Define Claim Follow-Up workflow 

Action 6. Learn How to troubleshoot rejected claims video

Action 7. Learn How to resubmit rejected claims video

Action 8. Monitor your Patients, Appointments or Claims using Interface Tracker if using a CMD Interface. 

In order to successfully complete Phase 3 of your training and move into Phase 4, you must complete all of your assignments indicated above. During Phase 3, you will learn how to configure and ensure the success of your claims using Claim Tracker and define best practices the benefit your practice or organization. I will conduct a follow-up call to help you monitor the success of your claims, define best practices and help you determine how you will train your staff