Go To Mode Keyboard Shortcuts

As you know, we are all about saving you as much time as possible. To help with this, we have added a series of shortcuts that saves you valuable mouse clicks. 

You must enable  Go To Mode ()  to activate  the  shortcut “hotkeys” to easily toggle through the CollaborateMD application. 

For Safari (Mac OS) users, replace any command using the  key with the  key and any command using the  key replace with the  key.

The following keyboard shortcuts work when Go To Mode is activated:

 Shortcut Key Section of CollaborateMD

 Focus (points out) the default search field for the current screen

 Show help "Tips" for the current screen

 Opens the Home section

 Opens the Reports section

 Opens the Appointments section

 Opens the Patient section

 Opens the Claim section

 Opens the Payment section

 Opens the Documents section

 Opens the Interface section

 Opens the Setup section

 Opens the Account Administration section

 Opens your User Profile

 Opens the sub-sections under the current section (labeled accordingly on the application)

 Cancels Go To Mode