Activate the Workers Compensation Payer

Starting July 2022, NY Workers Comp is switching over to CMS 1500 forms.  With this change, they will no longer use the NY Workers Comp Form. NY Workers Comp Payers should be flagged appropriately so that the CMS 1500 form displays the appropriate information when used for NY Workers Comp payers.

Important: Payers that had the old Billing Option to "Print CMS-1500 as NY Workers Compensation Formmust ensure this option is now unchecked to allow them to print as a CMS-1500.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Payers.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all payers. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search.

  3. Select the Payer

  4. Use the Payer Type drop-down menu and select Worker's Compensation.

  5. Ensure the Payer Address has a NY address.

  6. Click Billing Options.

  7. Ensure the option to "Print CMS-1500 as NY Workers Compensation Form" box is NOT checked (If the box is checked you must uncheck it).          

    The new NY Worker's Compensation edits will take effect on any claim being printed on a CMS-1500 where the:     State = NY and the Payer Type = Worker's Comp.

  8. Click Save.