Add a Customer

Follow the steps below to add a new customer to your account. 

  1. Select Account Administration > Customer Management.

  2. Click the Add Customer button.

  3. Type the new customer name in the Customer Name field.

  4. Select the Manage Access to this Customer link.

  5. In the Access column, place a check in the box for each user you want to have access to this account.

  6. In the Permissions column, click on the drop-down to specify the user permissions for each user that has access.

    1. Deny All: This option will set all of the user's permissions to deny

    2. Based on the Role: This option will allow you to choose a predetermined role to set the user's permissions.

    3. Copy permissions from default Customer account: This option will allow you to copy this user's permission from the user's default customer account. 

      Customization of individual permissions for the user within the customer can be done from within the User Management screen. 

  7. Click Save.

Reference our Add New Practice and Add New Provider Help Articles to fully set up your new customer account.