Training Module 3 | Pre-Support

This module supports a recap of the training with the Trainee to ensure they are properly trained in the use of the CollaborateMD (CMD)  application to support our Train The Training (T3) philosophy. The Implementation Specialist (IS) will provide the Trainee with up to a thirty (30) day pre-support “nesting phase” as defined by the IS to ensure the success of the Trainee before turning them over to Support. During the nesting phase, the IS will partner with the Trainee to develop their T3 training planned approach for training other users within the business. The goal is to ensure every user in the business knows the Trainee is the CMD Subject Matter Expert (SME) and how to effectively leverage them as a resource. 

Entrance Criteria

  • Successful completion of Training Module 2 | All five (5) Phases.

  • The trainee has identified areas to be recapped as part of the nesting phase.

Exit Criteria

  • Trainee has completed the 30 days (or less) of Pre-Support training.

  • Trainee has developed a Train The Trainer (T3) plan to properly train other users within the business on how to effectively use the CMD application.

  • Trainee knows how to access all of their Implementation Tools & Resources.

  • Trainee understands that all users within the office are responsible for leveraging them as the CMD SME before contacting Support.

  • Trainee understands the different ways in which to contact Support.

  • IS has successfully documented and closed the training case.

Training Agenda