Patient Defaults

Configuring your Patient Defaults can help streamline how you create new patient records. They can be changed at any time to a new default setting; once changed, the defaults will only take effect for newly created patients. Defaults can also be changed on a per-patient basis in the Patients section. 

Once updated, defaults will only effect newly created patients. 

Follow the steps below to set your Patient Defaults for a specific office: 

  1. Select Customer Setup > Practices.

  2. Use the Show All button to view all practices. Or use the Search field to further drill down your search. 

  3. Select the Practice.

  4. Locate and click on the Defaults tab right-hand side panel.

  5. Click the Patient tab.

  6. Make your selections referencing the Patient Default Descriptions below. 

  7. Click Save.

Patient Defaults Descriptions

  • Marital Status: Select new patients marital status. 

  • Employment status: Select new patients employment status. 

  • Student status: Select new patients student status. 

  • Residence status: Select new patients residence status. 

  • Statement type: Select new patients statement type.

    • If Single is selected, statements will print charges and credits for this patient only. 

    • If Family is selected, statements will print charges and credits for this patient as well as all linked dependents. This will combine all charges and balances due on one statement and list the patient and all dependents at the header of the statement.

  • Mail statement to: Select whom statements are mailed to. By default, this field is set to Insured; you can change this selection to Patient or one of the other choices at any time on the patient's record. 

  • Send statement: Select if statements should be sent to new patients. 

  • Language: Select new patients preferred language. 

  • Accept Assignment: Select the default accept assignment. This information will populate on Box 27 (of the CMS 1500 form) and/or on the electronic ANSI file

  • Gender: Upon creating a new patient the Gender field will default to blank. You will have to select a Gender for all new patients unless a Gender is specified in the Defaults.