Statement Automation

Accelerate your patient collections, save staff time, and cut processing costs by using CollaborateMD's Statement Automation Generation for a nominal transnational fee. Statement Automation sends statements out in a timely manner while improving your bottom line, lowering A/R days, and simplifying your mailing process.

If Statement Automation is enabled for your practice, you have the ability to send out three (3) types of Automated Statements. 

  1. Statements: These are your standard statements that contain information about what the patient owes, rendered services and any other important information related to their visit.

  2. Final Demand Notice (FDN): FDNs are generally sent to patients who have an outstanding past due balance requesting payment. These statements are usually sent to patients right before sending the patient to collections.

  3. Payment Plan Statements: Payment plan statements are sent to patients reminding them of any due payment installments associated with their payment plans. Please refer to our Payment Plans Help Article for more information on how to configure payment plans.