Move an appointment

Appointments can be moved to a new time slot or day for the same resources. Please note that you are unable to move appointments to a new time or day for a different resource. To do so, Edit the appointment and change the Resource.  

  1. Select Appointments > Scheduler.

  2. Find the appointment on the calendar.

  3. Appointments can be moved one of two ways:

    You also have the ability to change an appointment's duration by clicking the bottom edge of the appointment and dragging it up (shorter) or down (longer).

    1. Right-click on the appointment and select Move Appointment.

      1. Click on the time slot you want to move the appointment to, or right-click and select Move appointment to <date>.

      2. Verify the appointment listed is the appointment you'd like to move, and select Continue to confirm the move.

    2. Click on the appointment to Drag and drop the appointment to the new time slot.

      Have an appointment in your waiting list that can be scheduled in this time slot? You will receive the following message “One on more patients were found on the appointment waiting list who can now be scheduled for an appointment. Would you like to schedule one now?” 

      1. Click Schedule.  
      2. Select the appointment request you wish to create the appointment for.