Manage Address Verification

Spelling and formatting blunders can be corrected and geocoded instantly with our Address Verification Services. Upon patient data entry, address verification services will review the address while matching it to the United States Postal Services (USPS) directory. Re-sending documents are not only an inconvenience but are costly as well. Since the address check is done in real-time, patient address issues are caught and can be corrected before the patient leaves the office. By catching these data errors, you are able to decrease losses, rejections, or denials due to fraud or simple spelling errors.

If you're the Auth Rep, follow the steps below to enable, configure, or disable Address Verification:

  1. Select Account Administration > Services.

  2. Click the button next to Address Verification.

  3. The Enable Address Verification box allows you to enable or disable this service.

  4. Set your Address Verification Settings:

    1. Automatically scrub the following when changes are made: Check the box(es) next to the option(s) to indicate what address(es) you want to automatically verify.

  5. Optional: Select Copy Configuration to copy these settings to another customer account you manage. 

    1. Check the box next to the customer account(s) to copy the settings to, then click Copy

  6. Click Save.