Apply an Insurance Payment as a Credit

  1. Select Payment > Post.

  2. Fill in the option for Insurance Payment.

  3. Click the icon next to Payment By to search for the insurance payer you received the payment from. Or click on the  icon to “Find by Claim” 

    You can search Name, DOB, Account #, Member ID, Claim ID, or TCN # to “Find by Claim.”

  1. Enter the check information (e.g., Payment Amount, Received/Check Date, Check/EFT#, Other Ref#, and Source).

  2. Click the Apply Payment Only button, and select OK after reading the warning message displayed.

  3. Select Credit Account (Apply Later) and search for the patient you wish to apply the credit towards.

  4. Review the Account Credit Information message displayed and make any necessary adjustments (e.g., Due To, Memo, Provider, Office).

  5. Click Save .