Warning: Payment already entered by this payer. No changes made.


Issue 1: A payment was already applied by the same payer.

Issue 2: The payer on the claim may have been changed from when the claim was originally submitted.

How to Fix:

Solution 1: To correct this issue review the claim activity to verify if the payment that was posted matches the new payment received.

Verify if the check number, check date and check amount are the same. If they are the same do not re-post the payment. 

If the check details are different select the “Apply” option.

If a payment was already applied to the claim a credit will be placed on the patients account. Please be sure to refund any credits to the necessary parties, if applicable.

Solution 2: To correct this issue, update the claim/patient account with the appropriate payer. After the Payer has been updated, select the “Apply” option.