Specify User Access Hours

Want to control when your users can login into CollaborateMD? Assign specific hours for when they can log into the application. 

Follow the steps below to configure access hours for a user.

  1. Select Account Administration > User Management.

  2. Use the Manage User for Customer drop-down to select which customer to access.

  3. Locate the user in the list or use the Search field to further drill down your search.

  4. Select the User.

  5. Click Edit User.

  6. Locate and click on the Access Hours tab from the right hand side panel.

  7. Place a check in the Restrict user's access to the CollaborateMD application based on the time/day box.

  8. Use the drop-down menus to choose when the user can log in for each day.

    1. All Day: User can log in any time of that day.

    2. Limited Hours: User can log into the application during the specified time frame on that day.

    3. No Access: User can not log into application anytime during that day.

  9. Click Save.