Add New Practice

Follow the steps below to add a New Practice.

  1. Select Customer Setup > Practices.

  2. Click the New Practice button. 

  3. Enter the Practice Name.

  4. Enter the provider’s NPI number. Or click the  to search the NPPES NPI Registry for all NPI records of Healthcare Providers.

    1. When the NPI Registry window opens, select the NPI type.

    2. Enter your search criteria and click Search

      If you are searching with a partial name or are unsure of the spelling, it must be followed by an asterisk * (i.e. When searching for a“James Jones”” type in “Jame*” in the first name field and “Jon*” in the last name field so it pulls up all records that include “Jame” and “Jon” in the first/last name). Failure to add the wildcard (*) will result in the registry only searching for an exact match and may not pull up the record you are searching for.

    3. A window will open displaying the NPI numbers that match your search results. 

    4. Select the NPI you would like to add.

  5. Select the Organization Type from the drop-down.
  6. Enter the Taxonomy Specialty that defines the Practice's area of specialization. Or click on the magnifying glass to select one from the list.

  7. The Sequence Number is auto-populated by CollaborateMD. 

  8. Enter a Reference and TCN Prefix (if applicable).

  9. Enter the Primary Office Information (e.g., address, phone, fax, email).

  10. Verify if the Pay-To Address that prints in Box 33 (of the CMS-1500 form) or Box 2 (of the CMS-1450 form) are the same as the primary office.

    1. If the address is the same, the Pay-To address is the same as the primary office box will already be checked (defaulted).

    2. If the Pay-To-Address is different than the primary office, uncheck the Pay-To address is the same as the primary office box and populate the other address.

  11. If your Practice has Other Offices, you must enter information regarding any additional locations your practice may have.

    Important: Other Offices must use the same Name, Tax ID/Social Security Number and the same Pay-To Address as the Main Practice; the NPI number can be different.

  12. Click Save.

Practice Field Descriptions

  • NPI: The practice's National Provider Identification number. 
  • Organization Type: Select the appropriate organization type (clinic, solo practice, partnership, etc.) for the practice.

  • Taxonomy Specialty: The provider’s Taxonomy code that identifies the practice's type and area of specialization.  

  • Sequence#: This number is auto-populated by CollaborateMD.  

  • Reference#: This number is for your personal reference. This field is informational and does not appear on claims. 

  •  TCN Prefix: Use this field to populate a value to the beginning of the Transaction Control Number (TCN) that CollaborateMD sends to Change Healthcare once a claim is generated for this practice.  This TCN value will be present on any subsequent Clearinghouse or Payer Generated reports that are returned. This is a quick and easy way for billing services to determine which customer claims are associated to.

  • Primary Office: Enter the practice’s primary office information. The Zip Code must be in a 9-digit format.

  • Pay-To address is the same as the primary office (checkbox): Check this box if the pay-to address that prints in Box 33 (of the CMS-1500 form) or Box 2 (of the CMS-1450 form) are the same. If the address is different, uncheck this box.

  • Pay To-Address: Enter the practice's Pay To-Address information.

  • Other Offices: Enter information regarding any additional locations the practice may have.