Search Claims to Print

Follow the steps below to search for and print claims.

  1. Select Claim > Claim Batch Print.

  2. Enter your Search Criteria or Load a Search Filter.

    1. Use the Claim Form drop-down menu to select the claim form to search and print for.

    2. Use the Claim Date Entered option to select the date the claim was entered.

    3. Use the Claim Date of Service option to select the date of services rendered.

    4. Use the following drop-down menus to filter your claims by: Practice, Provider, Facilities, Office Location , Current Payer, Payer Priority,  Claim Amount.

  3. Click the Search button. 

  4. Use the checkbox(es) found in the first column to select claims you would like to print.

    1. The Print button will print the selected claims.

    2. The Test Print button is used to calibrate your printer to ensure your claims are printed correctly. If your claim is printing off centered. You may need to edit your Claim Print Margins found on the Claim Settings Screen. 

    3. The Show Preview button will give you a preview of the claims you wish to print. Any errors you find can be corrected by returning to the claim screen. Take a look at our Claim Help Article for more information. 

  5. Optional: Click on the icon to edit your search filters.

    Once printed the checkbox will be replaced by a printer symbol that will mark it as “printed.” One or more claims previously printed can be reprinted by right-clicking on the print icon.

  6. Click Close.