What is DNS Cache?

DNS cache is like an address book saved on your computer with the domain name server (DNS) information of each website you visit. DNS or Domain Name Server is a technology that tells your computer the IP address associated with a domain name. Saving the DNS information in a local DNS cache helps your browser quickly find a website.

Once you enter a website address in your browser, it will look for DNS information in the local cache first. If it finds the directions, then it uses the DNS cache to visit the website. On the other hand, if the information is not in the local DNS cache, then the browser will get it from other DNS servers across the internet. This ensures that every time you visit any website, your browser takes the shortest route to get the DNS information it needs to locate the website on the internet.

As part of our scheduled maintenance, we will be updating the DNS for our application.  Most users will not have any issues with this, as their computers will automatically updated with the DNS. If you are unable to access the application after the the scheduled maintenance you might need to manually clear your DNS info for CMD. 

Please reference the following help articles for step by step instructions.