Associate Documents to a Message

  1. Select Home > Messages.

  2. Click Compose or Reply (if replying to a message).

  3. Add your Contact(s), Subject and Message Body.

  4. Locate and click the Message Attachments dropdown. 

  5. Click Add

  6. Select from the following two options:

    1. Associate an Existing Document.

      1. Select Associate Existing.

      2. Use the navigation bar on the right or the search bar to locate the document(s).

      3. Check the Box for the document(s) you want to associate with this message.

      4. Click Add.

    2. Upload a New Document.

      1. Select Upload New.

      2. Click Add Files to upload the file(s).

      3. Use the Folder Location drop-down menu to specify which folder the document(s) will be uploaded to.

      4. Click Upload File(s).

      5. Click OK.

    3. Click Send.