Manually Uploading ERA's FAQ

Why can't I see the Upload ERA Button?

In order to have the option available, the user must have both the ERA Auto Apply permission and the ERA Upload permission enabled. 

Billing Services MUST enable the Manual ERA Upload feature and agree to the invoicing charges for ERAs before they can manually upload ERAs. This feature is located in the Services section, under Ad-On-Services.

What are the file requirements to upload an ERA?

In order to upload an ANSI file manually the following requirements must be met:

  • The contents of the file you are trying to upload must contain only valid and complete data as specified in the 835 X12 ANSI guide.
  • It must have an ISA and GS segment as the first two lines.
  • GS08 must be one of the following: 004010X091A1, 004010X091, 005010X221A1, 005010X221

Are there any fees associated with manually uploading an ERA?

Yes, standard ERA fees apply. Plans with unlimited ERA's will not be assessed additional charges for uploading ERA's manually. Plans without unlimited ERA's and billing services will be charged the standard ERA fee.

I'm on price plan 1, can I upload an ERA file?

No, accounts on Price Plan 1 will not be able to use the ERA Upload feature since ERA's are not allowed for that price plan. In order to use the feature, a price plan that includes ERA's must be selected.

Is there a way to delete a manually uploaded ERA file?

Yes,  we support users deleting an uploaded file as long as they have the ERA Upload permission and the ERA has not been applied yet.

How do I know which provider to select when uploading the ERA files?

The "To Provider" field is used to determine the Submitter ID to use for the ERA. IF the customer has multiple providers all with the same submitter number any of them could be used.

Why am I getting this error "Your ERA was not able to be uploaded because it does not appear to be a valid ANSI Remittance (835) file"?

This usually means that the file is not in the correct format. Please double-check the contents of the file you are trying to upload and ensure that the file contains only valid and complete data in ANSI format."

What should I do if I verified the file format is the correct ANSI format and I'm still getting an error message when trying to upload the ERA file?

If you have the correct  format and received an error, verify the following:

  • Does it have an ISA and GS segment as the first two lines?

  • Is the GS08 one of the following: (004010X091A1, 004010X091, 005010X221A1, 005010X221)?

If you still receive an error message, contact our support department.