Post a Capitation Payment

If your office participates in Capitation Payments with any payer, you are able to apply these payments within CollaborateMD. 

In order to post a Capitation Payment, you will need to create a Capitation Patient and a Debit code, then apply that code to the patient within the Manage Account screen prior to posting the payment.

Note: If you have already completed Steps 1 and 2, please move forward with Steps 3 and 4.

  1. Create a Capitation Patient:
    1. Select Patient > Patient and click New Patient.

    2. Enter the Patient's Last Name = Capitation

    3. Enter the Patient's First Name = Insurance Name (e.g., Medicaid).

    4. Enter all other required fields. 

      You can use the practice or payer address in the address fields. 

    5. Click Save.

      Note: Repeat the steps for each payer that participates in capitation.

  2. Create a Debit Adjustment code:

    1. Select Customer Setup > Codes… > Adjustment, and select New Adjustment Code.

    2. Enter a Code (e.g., Cap Pymt) and Description (e.g., Capitation Payment),

    3. Using the Adjustment Type drop-down, choose Debit.

    4. Click Save.

  3. Add the Debit towards the Capitation Patient account:

    1. Select Patient > Manage Account, and Search for the capitation patient.

    2. Click the Debit Account button and select the capitation code created.

    3. Click Done, then click Save.

  4. Post the Capitation Payment:
    1. Select Payment > Post.

    2. Fill in the option for Insurance Payment.

    3.  Click on the  icon next to Payment By to search for the insurance payer you received the payment from.

    4. Enter the payment information.

    5. Click the Apply Payment Only button and select OK to acknowledge the  message displayed.

    6. Select Apply Manually and search for the Capitation Patient from step 3.

    7. Click Filter Charges and check the box to Show Debits, then select Retrieve Charges.

    8. Enter the payment amount towards the capitation debit.

    9. Click Save Payment.