Print Medicare Roster Billing Claim

Roster Billing is a way for you to submit multiple claims to Medicare for flu or pneumococcal (PPV) shots and bill them using a simplified method using only one CMS-1500 form and a "Roster" listing the patients. Roster billing is used for Medicare-enrolled “Mass Inmunizers” when billing multiple patients at once. If you have other services to bill, use normal claims filing procedures and forms.

CollaborateMD does not save roster billing claims within our database for posting payments and will not track which patients were included in the "Roster." When it is time to post payments towards these claims we recommend using a Debit Code or creating a placeholder claim that is not sent to the payer. These claims are ONLY for printing purposes.

  1. Select Claim > Claim.

  2. Click the  icon to the right of the Add Professional Claim button and select Print Roster Billing.
  3. Begin adding Claim information.

    1. Claim#: will default to Roster.

    2. Patient: Will default to “SEE ATTACHED ROSTER.”

    3. Rendering Provider: Click the  icon and select the rendering provider name.

    4. Billing Provider: Click the  icon and select the billing provider name.

    5. Facility: Click the icon and select the facility name.

    6. Office Location: Select the office location from the drop-down menu if different than the Office location tied to the provider.

    7. Payer: Click the  icon and select the payer.

  4. Select the Charges tab.

    1. ICD A will default to Z23 (ENCOUNTER FOR IMMUNIZATION)

    2. Add the (From) date of service based on the payer requirements.
    3. Add the charges (procedure codes).  

      The POS code will default to 60 (Mass Immunization)

  5. Click the Print button and choose one of the following actions:

    1. Show Preview: The preview option gives you a quick view of what the claim will look like once printed off.

    2. Roster: Prints a copy of the claim.

  6. Once printed click Cancel.

 The Save button is not available since the claim or charges are not saved to the database. Users must Print the claim.