Release 13.17.0 - October 02, 2023

New Features and Updates



  • New Situational Modifier Option:  We know that some modifiers are specific to the type of provider performing the service. For example 80 (Assistant Surgeon), AF (specialty physician), AJ (clinical social worker), etc.

CollaborateMD has added a new situational modifier option within the Procedure Codes section that will allow you to add situational modifiers by Specific Rendering Provider Credentials (the credentials field in the Provider section).

When this option is selected and the Rendering Provider Credentials are entered, it will add the situational modifier when the credentials entered on the claim match the credentials of the Rendering/Attending provider set on the modifier.    

For more information about setting up new Situational modifiers by specific Rendering Provider Credentials, please see our Help Article.


  • Automatically Include Amount in the Memolines:  We've added an enhancement to our existing option to “Use the Memoline on the Activity and Statements” within the Remittance Codes section. This enhancement will allow you to select an option to “Include the amount in the memoline.”

Once selected, when a remittance code is added (either in a manual insurance payment or an ERA) the info line that is included in the statements and activity will now display the amount associated with the code at the end of the info line.