Debit or Credit an Account

You have the option to apply a Debit or Credit adjustment towards the patient account.

Debit codes are used to add a charge to a patient’s account without using a claim. A debit code could be used to charge a patient a late fee, or for a retail purchase like a wheelchair or bandages. 

Credit codes are used to write off, or remove charges from a patient's account. A credit code could be used to write off an outstanding charge balance or give the patient a discount on their procedure or a referral discount. 

Who can use this feature? 

Users with the Debit/Credit permission.    

These debits and credits will not be linked to a particular claim or charge. Please ensure you have the appropriate Adjustment Code created. 

For steps on completing debits or credits to a particular claim/charge see a Apply Credit Adjustment/Apply Debit Adjustment page.