Add a Provider Level Adjustment Manually on an EOB

Depending on your office workflow, some users may need to enter their insurance payments and provider adjustments manually or need to make edits to the EOB after it has been posted.

Note: To add a Provider Adjustment to an existing payment, go to Payments > View and once the payment is located, continue to step 7.

  1. Select Payment > Post.
  2. Fill in the option for Insurance Payment.

  3. Click on the  icon next to Payment By to search for the insurance payer you received the payment from. Or click on the  icon to “Find by Claim

  4. Enter the check information (e.g., Payment Amount, Received/Check Date, Check/EFT#, Other Ref#, and Source), and then click the Apply as EOB button.

  5. In the Payment window, choose any of the options below to Add payments for:

    1. Claim: Search for any other claim you would like to associate with this EOB.

    2. Account Debit: This will search for debits.

    3. Claims at <PAYER NAME>: This will search for claims that are currently at the payer the EOB is associated with.  

  6. Click on the Payment Line to open the detailed payment information for the selected claim.  

  7. Locate the Provider Adjustments field.

  8. Click the Show Details link to view the provider adjustment details or associate the adjustment with a claim.


  9. Click

  10. Enter the adjustment amount, date, reason, and reference ID.

  11. Click Done.

  12. Once all amounts have been applied, click Save Payment.