2022 CMD Enhancements

We want to start by thanking you for the opportunity to serve you in 2022. We are proud that during 2022, we continued to deliver on our commitments to create value for our clients, our people, and our partners. And after enduring one of the most challenging times in history, we have emerged even stronger.  CollaborateMD was able to release over 75 amazing software enhancements in 2022 and we wanted to take a moment to review the top 10 changes we have made to better service you.

10 Major 2022 Enhancements.

  1. Electronic Statements: CollaborateMD understands that electronic statements are the way of the future so we added the ability to send patient statements electronically via email or text. We have updated multiple sections of the application to allow you to send electronic statements automatically or manually, which will then link the patient with our patient portal allowing them to make quick payments online. Please reference our Statement Options Help Article for more information on turning on the electronic statements feature.

  2. Practice Fusion Bi-Directional Interface: CollaborateMD is one of the only Practice Fusion partners to have a two-way interface for seamless data integration. This level of integration provides the optimal blend of streamlined clinical documentation and robust revenue cycle management. For more information on this interface, please reference our Practice Fusion Bi-Directional Interface Help Article.

  3. Dark Mode:  We are continuously working to improve the CollaborateMD experience and proudly brought you the new Dark Theme (Dark Mode) option this year. Whether for your eye's health & well-being, to save power, or just because it looks amazing, we're sure our users love the new "Theme" options. Want to learn more about Dark Mode? Take a look at our Turn on Dark Mode Help Article.

  4. Scheduler Templating with new Scheduler Blocks:  We understand that there are exceptions to blocks in the appointment scheduler. With that in mind, we added the ability for users to create block templates for appointment blocks within the scheduler, which will show in the background behind appointments and can be set up with rules that enforce what kind of appointments can be scheduled at the same time as the block.  Block colors and titles also allow users to easily see what kind of appointments are allowed during each time period. For more info visit our Block Templates Help Articles.

  5. Two-Factor Authentication: CollaborateMD now allows you to protect your account data with an extra layer of security when your users are login into our software. We added the ability to set up Two-Factor Authentication prompting users to provide a second authentication via an SMS Text Message, Authenticator App, or a Hardware Token (security key) instead of immediately gaining access to the application. . For more information, visit our Two-Factor Authentication Help Articles.

  6. Anesthesia Billing Improvements: CollaborateMD now supports billing Anesthesia claims by sending the minutes as the units on the claim and supporting the payer's calculation of their allowable for anesthesia. We implemented better support throughout the application for billing anesthesia claims. This includes showing the start time, end time, and minutes within the charges table as well as automatically calculating the units using the base unit from the procedure code default or fee schedule, and the minutes. Take a look at our Anesthesia Claims Help Articles for more details.

  7. Updated Task View for Patients, Claims, and Payers: We have updated how tasks are managed for patient records, claims and payers by adding a tasks tab directly within the record. This new update allows users to immediately create a task associated with the specific record from the record itself. Now any user can see if a record has an active task associated with it. Want to learn more about our tasks? Give our Patient Tasks Help Article a look.

  8. Set Claim Rejections as Fixed from the Claim Screen and automatically when the claim is marked as PAID: Tracking and fixing claim rejections is an important aspect of medical billing and coding. To help make it easier, users can now mark claims as fixed directly from the claim as it is being updated without having to return to claim tracker to update it there. CMD also made an update that automatically marks any claim errors as fixed when the balance is set to $0.00 (when applying a payment or adjustment). Take a look at our Marking Errors as Fixed Help Article for more information.

  9. Copy Claim Notes to other claims for the same patient: Tired of adding the same notes to multiple claims for the same patient? No worries, CMD has you covered. We have updated our patient claim notes to allow you to copy your claim notes to other claims for the same patient. Save time and select the unpaid claim(s) for this patient to copy the note to (by checking the corresponding box(es).  Reference our Manage Patient Claim Notes Help Article for more information.

  10. Appointment Reminder 1-tap confirm/cancel link: CollaborateMD knows how important it is to make it easy for patients to interact with your office.  With that in mind, we have added the ability to include confirmation and cancel links within the appointment reminder text message sent to patients. When configured, this allows them to confirm or cancel the appointment by clicking the appropriate link instead of replying to the message. Want to learn more about Appointment Reminders? Take a look at our Manage Appointment Reminders Help Article for more information.