Post Patient Payment

  1. Select Payment > Post

  2. Fill in the option for Patient Payment.

  3. Click the  icon next to Payment By to search for the patient.

  4. Select the Patient.

  5. Enter the Payment Amount.

  1. Optional: Check the Print receipt box to print a patient receipt.

  2. Add the Received/Check Date.

  3. Optional: Add the Check #.

  4. Select the payment Type followed by the Source of the payment.

    If In-application Credit Card Processing is enabled, complete one of the following options:

    • Option 1: Place your cursor in the “Card#” box and swipe the patient’s credit card.

    • Option 2: Manually enter the credit card number followed by the expiration date.

    You will not see a confirmation if the transaction if successful. The system will alert you if the transaction fails or you attempt to make a credit card payment without entering the complete card information.

  1. Type a Memo.

  2. Choose one of the following actions from  to complete further steps: Credit Account (Apply Later), Apply Automatically, Apply Manually - To Charges, Apply Manually - To Payment Plans