Post Patient Payment

  1. Select Payment > Post

  2. Fill in the option for Patient Payment.

  3. Click the  icon next to the Patient search field.

  4. Select the Patient.

  5. Enter the Payment Amount.

  1. Optional: Check the Print receipt box to print a patient receipt.

  2. Add the Received/Check Date.

  3. Optional: Add the Check #.

  4. Select the payment Type followed by the Source of the payment.

    If In-application Credit Card Processing is enabled, complete one of the following options:

    • Option 1: Place your cursor in the “Card#” box and swipe the patient’s credit card.

    • Option 2: Manually enter the credit card number followed by the expiration date.

    You will not see a confirmation if the transaction if successful. The system will alert you if the transaction fails or you attempt to make a credit card payment without entering the complete card information.

  1. Type a Memo.

  2. Choose one of the following actions from  to complete further steps: Credit Account (Apply Later), Apply Automatically, Apply Manually - To Charges, Apply Manually - To Payment Plans