Secondary Insured

The Secondary Insured sub-category, found under Patient Data, corresponds to the insured's information associated with the Secondary Payer. This can be configured within the Patient section of the application under Insurance > Secondary Payer > Insured.

 Name Description
Account NumberThe account number of the insured patient. If the current patient is not a dependent, this field will display 0.
Address Line 1Associated with the first Address field.
Address Line 2Associated with the second Address field.
Cell PhoneAssociated with the Cell# field.
CityAssociated with the City field.
EmailAssociated with the Email field.
First NameAssociated with the First field.
Full NameDisplays the insured's full name in the following format: [Last Name], [First Name] [Middle Initial]. If for some reason there is no last name or first name on record for the insured, no comma will be displayed.

Example: Smith, John q
Full Name w/ IDDisplays the insured's full name followed by their account number (if one exists) using the following format: [Last Name], [First Name] [Middle Initial] ([Account Number]).

Example: Smith, John Q. (12345678)
GenderDisplays the selected option in the Sex selection field.
Home PhoneAssociated with the Home# field.
Last NameAssociated with the Last Name field.
Middle InitialAssociated with the MI field.
RelationshipDisplays the selected option in the Patient relationship to the insured? selection field.
StateAssociated with the State field.
Work ExtensionAssociated with the Ext. field.
Work PhoneAssociated with the Work# field.
BirthdayAssociated with the Birthdate field.
SSNAssociated with the SS# field.
Zip CodeAssociated with the Zipcode field.