Collection Agency Data

Collection Agency Data holds all collection agency's information under a customer's account. All of the fields within this category correspond directly to fields that can be found under the Collection Agency section of the application.

 Name Description
Account Number

The unique identifier of the collection Agency that a particular collection charge is associated with. 

AddressAssociated with the "Address" field.
CityAssociated with the "City" field. 
EmailAssociated with the "Email" field.
Fax NumberAssociated with the "Fax" field.
Inactive?Displays "Yes" if the "Make this collection agency inactive" box is checked.
NameAssociated with the "Name" field.
PhoneAssociated with the "Phone #" field.
StateAssociated with the "State" field.
Zip CodeAssociated with the "Zip Code" field.