Add a new Permission Role

  1. Select Account Administration > Permission Roles.

  2. Click the New Role button.

  3. Type the Role Name (e.g., biller, office manager, front desk).

  1. Use the Category drop-down menu to navigate between the sections of the application.

    Some permissions can be found in multiple sections (e.g., Tracking permission is found under the Claim and Payment sections. If you permission under one section (claim), you'll have it under the other (payment)). 

  2. Place a check in the Show Permission Descriptions box to view the description of each permission.

  3. Use the Permission Level drop-down menu to set the permission level for each permission.

  4. Click Save.

 Have a user that should only be creating, submitting and following-up on claims? Set the following permissions:

  • Professional Claim or Institutional Claim set to Access and Modify.

  • Batch Printing set to Search and Print.

  • Tracking set to Search, Fix, and Save.

  • Clearinghouse Reports set to Allow.

  • Claim Follow Up set to Allow.

  • Control set to Search and Save.