Edit Two-Factor Authentication Settings

  1. Select Account Administration > Security... > Two-Factor Authentication.

  2. Click the Edit button.

    Click   to copy the current settings to another customer associated with your account.

  3. Select the field(s) to edit:

    1. Select the user type(s) to enable the two-factor authentication for:

      1. For all users (Auth Reps, Admins, and Users).

      2. For Admins and Authorized Representatives.

      3. For Authorized Representatives only. 

    2. When two-factor authentication is set up and the user selects to remember this device, require logging in with Two-Factor Authentication: (select the frequency)

      1. Every time the users sign in 

      2. Once per day

      3. Once per month 

        If this setting is changed, two-factor authentication will be required on the next login. Two-factor authentication will always be required when a user logs in from a new device or browser, or when using Incognito or Private Browsing.

    3. Select the Allowed Authentication Methods:

      1. Device Authentication: This method requires additional hardware to support it (Windows Hello, Face ID, Touch ID).

      2. Security Key: This method requires an additional hardware purchase to support it (FIDO2 and U2F keys).

      3. Authenticator App: This method requires an App download (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, 1Password).

      4. Text Message (SMS): This method requires a mobile phone (Standard carrier messaging or data rates apply).

  4. Click Save.

Important Note: CollaborateMD can not reset a user's two-factor authentication.  Users are encouraged to set up multiple authentication methods to allow access when one method is lost or changed.