Add an Inventory Code

  1. Select Customer Setup > Codes... > Inventory.

  2. Select New Inventory button.

  3. Add a Code that describes the product (i.e. FOREARM CRUTCHES or FA CRUTCH).

  4. Optional: Search for a CPT code you would like to associate with this product. This will automatically populate the CPT code whenever the inventory code is selected first.

  5. Enter the amount of product currently in stock in the Quantity field.

    When added to a new claim, this quantity will auto-decrement based on the number of units associated to the charge(s) as long as the code is entered on a new line item row. Do not override a line item already populated with information.

  6. Write a full description of the product in the Code Description field.

  7. Add a Billing Description that can be referenced when running reports related to inventory codes (e.g. Inventory Report).

  8. Place a check the Use Alert box to notify your staff when a product needs to be reordered after a certain threshold.

  9. Click Save.