Configure Patient Settings

  1. Select Patient > Settings. 

  2. Click the Edit button. 

  3. Click the Copy Settings link to copy the current settings to another customer associated with your account. 

    1.  If set to Yes, a warning will pop up if you are creating a duplicate patient based on the SSN, Last Name, First Name or Date of Birth.


    1.  Use theto select the default provider new patients will be associated to.

    1.  Use the State field, to default the patient state when creating new patients.

    1.  Use the drop-down menu, to determine the action that happens when deactivating a patient record that has a non-zero balance (e.g., patient John Doe owes $300) You can choose one of the following actions:

      • Save the patient as inactive without a confirmation/alert

      • Show a confirmation before saving the patient as inactive

      • Show an alert and do not allow the patient to be saved as inactive

    1.  If set to Yes, a prompt to automatically update the “Patient Type” to “Payment Plan”  will appear when creating a new payment plan for a patient.

    1.  If set to Yes, an alert will pop up when opening a patient record for patients older than 65.

    1.  If set to Yes, you will have access to an option to copy the patient’s default facility as their primary address.

      This can be useful for practices that work directly with nursing homes and other residential treatment facilities.

  6. Click Save.