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Implementation Training Overview

The goal of our implementation is to ensure a Trainee is properly trained to become a CollaborateMD (CMD) application Subject Matter Expert (SME) within sixty (60) calendar days or less. Training can be customized and tailored to meet the Trainee’s business needs and as agreed upon by the Implementation Specialist (IS). Implementation consists of three (3) Training Modules - Introduction, CMD Application and Pre-Support - each containing entrance and exit criteria coupled with an outline of the training agenda as defined below. 

Training Module Contents

  • Entrance Criteria: Minimum training accomplishments required prior to entry into the training module.

  • Training Agenda: The training activities that will be performed within the module to aid the Trainee in becoming a CMD application SME.

  • Exit Criteria: Minimum training accomplishments required to complete the training module.

The training associated with the first two (2) training modules - Introduction and CMD Application - is conducted over sixty (60) calendar days or less. It is inclusive of any interface integrations with an EMR/EHR or lab. During the Introduction training module, your IS will provide you with your overall training Period of Performance (POP) and set expectations. Next, we'll move right into the CMD Application training module which consists of five (5) phases. The Pre-Support training module consists of thirty (30) days or less determined by the IS. This training module provides the Trainee with the ability to recap the 2nd training module (CMD Application) while the IS provides implementation support and train-the-trainer guidance before turning the Trainee over to support. Once the Trainee is turned over to Support, it is expected they implement the train-the-trainer philosophy for all users. In addition, all users of the CMD application are required to leverage their available resources, including the Trainee (MPoC) before contacting Support. This is monitored as part of the Support Agreement and the appropriate feedback is provided to the Trainee and business owner(s).

The IS will schedule a standard weekly call based on the Trainee’s schedule availability and in conjunction with our CMD core business hours M - F, 8:00 am - 6:00 PM EST.  We recommend as best practice to have the training call the same day and time of the week throughout the training POP.  

Standard implementation consists of a one hour training call per week. We periodically allow two (2) training calls to be scheduled per week based on the needs of the Trainee and the Trainer’s availability. Deviation to the standard training calls may result in the decrease of the overall training POP based on the extra calls scheduled per week. This is at the sole discretion of CMD. During training, the Trainee is required to attend all scheduled training sessions. If a scheduled training session cannot be attended, a 24 hours notice is requested to reschedule the training. If a Trainee is unable to be reached or misses two (2) consecutive training sessions, the business owner and sales representative must be notified per CMD company policy.  If training exceeds the sixty (60) calendar days, an additional fee may be charged for each additional hour required to successfully complete the training. Therefore, it is important that the Trainee attends all scheduled training sessions in order to successfully complete the training within sixty (60) calendar days or less.

During training, the Trainee is encouraged to contact their IS for support and to ensure their overall success during the training POP.  Click here to learn how to contact your IS.