2021 CMD Enhancements

We want to start by thanking you for the opportunity to serve you in 2021. We are proud that during 2021, CMD continued to deliver on our commitments to create value for our clients, our people, and our partners. And at one of the most challenging times in history, we have emerged even stronger. We wanted to take a moment to review some of the major changes we have made to our software in 2021 to better service you.

10 Major 2021 Enhancements.

  1. Hard Close: CollaborateMD understands that reporting is a critical part of any business. To continue in our mission to provide our customers with the best reporting tools out there, we have updated CollaborateMD to support Hard Month Closing. You are not able to track and report on legacy and historic data. Please reference our Hard Month Close FAQ for more information.

  2. Custom Claim Status: You have asked and we have listened. Custom Claim Status has been one of the top ideas on our Idea Exchange that we have wanted to implement. In 2021 we delivered custom charge status to our users.  You can now create your own custom statuses to help organize and track your claims. For more information on this feature, please reference our Custom Claim Statuses Help Article.

  3. Custom Patient Account Types:  We couldn't just stop at custom Claim Statuses, so we updated CMD to support custom Patient Account types. Just like your claims, cmd users now have more control over the grouping and tracking of their patient records. Want to learn more? Take a look at our Custom Account Types Help Articles.

  4. Patient Portal Update:  We decided to give our patient portal an Extreme Makeover, Portal Edtion. During this year we have completely rebuilt and updated our Patient Portal to bring it in sync with our web-based application. We also added some new functions to the portal. Want to make a payment without needing to log in? Say Less! Want to link patient accounts? No Problem. For more info regarding the payment portal visit our Patient Payment Portal Help Articles.

  5. Credit Card Refunds: Posted a credit card payment in error? No worries, CMD has you covered. We have updated our Integrated Credit Card Processing feature to allow users to issue refunds and voids to payments collected within CMD. For more information, visit our Refund a Patient or Insurance Payment Help Article.

  6. ERA Upload: We understand that not every payer supports sending ERA files back. So we took matters into our own hands. You can now directly upload an ERA file into your CollaborateMD account  Want to try it out for yourself? Stop by our Manually Upload an ERA Help Articles for detailed steps.

  7. e-Mail Appointment Reminders: Electronic messages are the way of the future, so we updated our appointment reminders to now support e-Mail reminders to be sent to your patients.  Want to try out our e-Mail reminders? Take a look at our Manage Appointment Reminders Help Articles for a detailed guide.

  8. Improved Remittance Code Trackings: CollaborateMD now supports tracking the individual amounts sent back for each adjustment reason code received within Insurance Payments/  Want to learn how to manage and view your remittance codes? Give our Remittance Codes Help Article a view.

  9. Custom Info and Memo Lines: We think good things come in threes, so to round out custom claim statuses and account types, we have also added custom info and memo lines to CMD. Save time and select from your custom list of info and memo lines.  Reference our Add a New Custom info Lines Help Article for more information.

  10. Recurring Patient CC Payments: Collecting patient payments is one of the more important aspects of medical billing and coding. To help make it easier, users can now set up automatic payments for patients that are currently on a payment plan. No need to worry about remembering all of the different installment dates. Let us take care of that for you. Reference our Notes Help Article for more information.