Add an Info Line while Posting a Payment

Informational (Info) lines can be added to charges to provide additional information about the patient's claim. For example, if a claim was denied, you can indicate the reason for the denial here; “Denied, Insurance stated this was a pre-existing condition.” Alternatively, you can choose from several pre-written info lines or create your own  custom info line(s).

  1. Click the Add Info Line button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select an Info Line from the list. Or select Custom to enter your own info line.

  3. Enter the Received Date.

  4. Place a check in the box to copy this info line to all charge on this claim.

  5. Click Done.

These additional actions are found in the following sections. Manually posting patient payments, Applying EOBs & ERAs, Applying insurance payment only and Applying Credits.